Episode 1: Are you an adventurous eater?

Show notes:

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How to become a more adventurous eater:

1.     Pay attention. If you normally eat in front of the TV or while using your cell phone, take a break for a meal or snack in which there’s a new food. Really experience trying it. Note how it looks, how it smells. How do you feel—are you excited to try it, or kind of freaked out?

2.     Grab a partner. Tap a friend to join you on your food journey. It can be someone who’s already adventurous themselves, or you can partner up with someone who’s also just getting started on this journey, so you won’t feel intimidated.

3.     Go slow. There’s no need to try 5 different foods at every meal. This isn’t a race! Take your time. When you sit down to a meal or snack, make sure you have plenty of food you like along with the new item(s).

4.     Ignore pressure. You don’t have to love all these new foods, you’re just taking a bite to see if you like them. You don’t have to finish something you don’t like. Be proud of yourself for trying it. It isn’t easy getting out of your comfort zone.

5.     Take note. Keep track, even if it’s just in the “notes” function on your phone. Keep a list of what you tried, when/where, and whether or not you liked it. If you can quickly note what you liked or didn’t like about the food, that’s helpful (you may find that hey, you like the brininess of raw oysters, but not the texture—so you can explore other briny foods, like pickles, which are not so mushy).