Do you feel tired, sluggish, brain-foggy? Are you bloated, do you have digestive issues, poor sleep? Are you carrying a few extra pounds that you can’t seem to shake off, no matter what you try?

You don’t have to feel that way.

When your computer/phone/device starts to slow down or get wonky, you reboot it. With this 21-day program, you can do the same thing for yourself.

In short: During the Reboot, you eliminate several commonly irritating foods, and observe how amazing you feel. At the end, you reintroduce them one at a time, to find out what was holding you back. Even some “healthy” foods may not be optimal for your body, and the only way to find out for sure is to completely stop eating them and feel the difference.


"I lost 10 lbs. doing nothing different except following the program. I felt like I had more energy and slept better. I would recommend it! I found it very easy to follow - I was never hungry and didn't really feel like I was giving up anything." -Tim B., Chicago

"I loved the daily emails! They grounded me about the meaning of food and about how we treat our bodies. I gained an awareness that what I consume really does matter and make a difference." -Rebecca C., NYC


"I thought we ate in a very healthy way before going through The Reboot. But I didn't see how many processed foods had crept into our almost daily meals and snacks. I gained a new awareness of what we were eating and how much better I felt." -Heather R., Chicago

"Thanks for this wonderful Reboot challenge. More than the great weight loss benefit, I learned a lot about what I was actually putting into my body everyday. I am having a love affair with veggies again. Who knew during a decadent dinner I would crave mostly veggies?! Thanks for rebooting my eating habits and giving me more sustainable energy." -Shashi K., Brooklyn, NY


·      The program. Upon signing up, you will receive an email that outlines what foods you’ll avoid for the 21 days, and which foods to focus on. You’ll also get information about how to set up your kitchen for success and some recipes to help get you started.

·      Tips. Many, many tips. Every day during your 21-day Reboot, you’ll receive an email with real, actionable, science-backed information about how to boost your health. We’ll take a deeper dive into nutrition, as well as covering sleep, stress, fitness, hydration, relationships, and more.

·      Support and encouragement. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to the Reboot’s private Facebook group, where you can talk with fellow Rebooters and share insights, recipes, ideas and virtual high-fives. Plus, you’ll have email access to me for questions, concerns and more high-fives.

Cost: $50
NOTE: The sign-up fee is the only cost in the program. There are no hidden fees and no up-sells whatsoever.


·      Hungry. The Reboot isn’t a “diet” in the traditional sense. You will not be hungry or deprived. You will eat plenty of whole, real foods, enough to feel truly satisfied. You may find that you eat less during the Reboot, simply because eating this way tends to be more satiating. But the goal is not to eat less and it definitely is not to count calories or macros, or otherwise obsess over food.

·      A hard-to-follow meal plan. Upon signing up, you’ll get information about how to set up your kitchen for success and a suggested shopping list, as well as some recipes to get you started. Along the way, I share more meal and snack ideas and products I like. But I don't map out what you have to eat for every meal and snack for the 21 days. Here’s why: That doesn’t help you. Meal plans invariably have foods you or your family don’t like, or you’re allergic to, or can’t get at your grocery store, or don’t feel like eating, etc. The Reboot gives you the tools you need but leaves the specifics to you, so you learn how to cook and eat in a way that suits your tastes, lifestyle and budget. When you finish the program, you’re a Rebooting star-chef, not looking around wondering what to do next.

·      Hidden costs. The sign-up fee is the only cost to you. I will not try to sell you anything else. I will recommend products, books and other things, but you don’t have to buy any of it to be successful on the Reboot, and I’m not getting kickbacks. If I point something out to you, it’s purely because I believe in it and I hope it will benefit you as it has me.

·      A medical diagnosis. I’m not a doctor and this plan will not diagnose an allergy, food intolerance or anything else. It’s designed to help you learn through observation which foods sap your energy or upset your digestion. If you suspect that you have an allergy or food intolerance or any other medical issue, please see your doc.